Why is The Bachelor host Sam Alvey not returning?

Sam Alvear’s first season on The Bachelor was not a success.

After three seasons, he was finally given a chance to take the reins of the series.

However, he never got a chance.

He’s currently in rehab after a heart attack that occurred in the offseason.

His relationship with his ex-wife has deteriorated after a recent altercation.

And while Sam was the last man standing on The Bachelorette, there is no guarantee he will be the next.

We spoke with Alvears family to find out if he’ll be returning.

The Bachelor star Sam Alves wife of 13 years has been diagnosed with dementia. 

“Sam Alvearts condition is improving but I am worried and scared that he will not make it to the next season,” his wife told us. 

Alvear is now in rehab and his wife is battling depression. 

The couple has had a tumultuous relationship.

Alveeras wife is now estranged from his children.

Alvears son was diagnosed with autism in 2012.

His wife said her son was given a diagnosis of ADHD, which was given to him without any documentation. 

In addition to his health issues, Alveers wife has a history of alcoholism and drug abuse.

Alvey is currently living at home with his mother.

The couple has two children, ages 9 and 13. 

As for his next season, he is currently filming a reality show called ‘The Bachelor’ in Australia.

The show is being filmed in Brisbane.