Why I’ll never stop playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild

By Tom ScottA game with a lot of Zelda-inspired elements has a hard time winning over a lot more players.

It may be a rare title, but one of its most notable features is the way that it uses the Zelda mythology as a way to present its own unique take on the world.

There’s no Zelda-themed platforming, no traditional platforming elements, and no boss battles.

That’s a huge advantage for Breath of a Wild, which has more than 50 hours of gameplay and is already shaping up to be one of the biggest open-world Zelda games of the year.

While there’s still plenty of Zelda to do, and more to come in the weeks to come, here are some of the reasons I’m not going to stop playing the game.1.

The main story is a waste of time.

The only reason I care about the main story right now is because I know it’ll be coming back in a big way in the future.

That said, I still really, really want to know more about the plot.

Zelda is one of those games where it’s easy to forget that you’re not really reading the same book twice.

I’m pretty sure that the main questline for Breath is a direct continuation of that, and that it will likely lead to a number of sequels and spin-offs in the years to come.

It’s not a perfect example of the Zelda universe, but it’s one of my favorite examples of how a game can be a good example of something that’s a big, important part of the gaming landscape and yet is not a big part of that world itself.2.

There are some annoying bugs.

It might be a little too easy for some players to get into Breath of this game, but if I ever found myself in a situation where I needed to play through a few more levels, I’d probably just give up on it, even if it means that I’d have to restart the game at some point.

Even with a couple of hours of in-game time, I know that I could be getting into trouble.

This was one of Zelda’s biggest selling points: that the game is so open-ended that you can play through it at any point in the game, and not have to worry about the game ever getting boring.

I have no doubt that Breath of The Wild will take a few weeks off from the regular Zelda releases that I play every single day, but I do think it will end up being a huge game with some great content in the end.3.

There is no multiplayer.

There aren’t really multiplayer options in Breath of A Wild.

I mean, sure, you can invite friends over to play a little, but that’s not going a long way.

I really wish that Nintendo were trying to bring multiplayer to other Zelda games, but at the end of the day, it’s not like the game has a multiplayer mode at all.

I can’t imagine that any Zelda game will have multiplayer, and if you ask me, it makes it all the more frustrating that Nintendo hasn’t given the fans a reason to get excited about it.4.

It has an odd voice actor.

There were a few times where I’d play the game in a voice that I thought was really good.

It was probably one of only two Zelda games I could hear in my living room, and I found myself getting very excited about playing the title.

It really is one thing to have an actor that you like, but having an actor voice your character can be annoying, even for people who don’t know you.

But when the voice actor is so good, I’m actually okay with that.

The voice acting was a little awkward at times, but other than that, the voice acting for the game was just good.5.

The game is a massive open world.

The biggest problem with the game right now isn’t the game itself, or even the main plot.

The big problem with Zelda is that it doesn’t have any central story.

The story is mostly about the people and places that populate the world, but the main thing you’re going to want to do in this game is explore.

That, in and of itself, is a huge challenge.

The open world is the biggest reason I don’t think Breath of of the West will ever get a lot less crowded than it already is.6.

There isn’t much in the way of new content.

There hasn’t been any new content in Breath yet.

I know I’m being too picky, but Breath of Wind and Breath of Twilight were very good games.

I think there’s some room for more content, but so far, the content has just been focused on the game’s main story.

I’ll say that it’s the best Zelda game of the last few years.7.

It doesn’t feel like Zelda.

I didn’t find myself getting caught up in the world of Hyrule.

I was just going around and around, going from point A to point B