Which flowers are you dying to see this week?

I’ve never seen this much death on my doorstep.

The only flowers I’ve seen today are my mother’s, my father’s, and my grandmother’s.

The death of my grandmother is an utter tragedy.

She was a wonderful person, a wonderful woman.

I’m so upset about her death.

I’m so sad.

And this year, my grandmother passed away this Sunday at the age of 92.

She was an old lady.

She had no children and lived in her house for so long that her house was almost totally covered in flowers.

My mother died of cancer last year, and I don’t have any grandchildren.

I’ve only seen my two younger siblings and aunts and uncles for the last six years.

It’s a really hard year for me, I’m struggling to pay my bills and trying to keep up with schoolwork and work. I don