Which apps are getting new features for Thanksgiving?

Apple has introduced a number of new features and enhancements for Thanksgiving, including: – The ability to add a message to a message app, and use it as a template for your own – Apple Music will be free to download and listen to in-app – New holiday greeting and birthday messages can be added to an app for one-time use – Apple TV owners will get an Apple TV Remote Control with a “Happy Thanksgiving” emoji on it – New “My Calendar” app for iCloud.com allows users to create a calendar of holidays for the coming year – New and improved messaging app, including support for sending, reading, and receiving emoji on iOS devices – New emoji-enabled message formats, including emoji, short phrases, and short sentences, which allow for more expressive, custom emoji and emoji-like formatting – New iCloud.tv service, which includes new TV shows and movies – Apple Pay will be available in a number.

stores, starting this fall – More integration with iCloud, Apple Pay, and Apple Pay Express, the new Apple Pay service that uses QR codes to securely transfer credit cards, purchases, and other payment information from Apple Pay to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

– A number of the iOS 11 features will be rolled out to macOS Sierra later this fall, including Siri Shortcuts, Notification Center, and AirDrop, along with the ability to control media playback through a dedicated Control Center widget.

– iOS 11 is the first major update since the iOS 10.3 release in December.

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