When You Send a Text Message to Your Baby Congratulations!

In this article you will learn how to send text messages to your baby congratulations message.

For now, this tutorial will be for sending a text message to your son or daughter.

You can use your phone to send a text to your kid and your daughter or son or son and daughter.

You can also send a notification to your kids phone.

First, select the baby congratulations from the settings menu on your phone.

Then select the kid you want to send congratulations to.

Then, choose your recipient from the list that appears.

You will be able to choose your child’s birthday, and then choose to send them a congratulations text message.

You can also click the text to send button to send your congratulations.

Now, press and hold your phone’s notification LED, and you can choose your notification to send.

You have two options to send: a standard notification message or a special message.

If you want a standard text message message, you will need to tap the notification LED.

The notification LED will turn red.

Tap it once, and your standard text will appear.

If you tap the icon to the right of it, you can change the message’s subject and text.

The text can be in the format of a congratulatory message.

The messages you send to your child or your daughter will appear as normal.

If your baby or your child is not on your list, they will be prompted to check it.

Once you receive your congratulations, you should hear a text from your baby.

You’ll be prompted if you want the congratulations to be sent as a special text message or you can enter a password.

You also can select the emoji to include in the congratulatory text.

Finally, press the “send” button on your notification LED to send the text message and then confirm it.

You should receive a confirmation email with the congratulations.