What you need to know about a new Google Messenger app update

The latest version of Google’s messaging app is the Android version of its Hangouts app, and that means it has a lot of features.

The app includes a whole new chat option, a new option for “favorite messages” (you can add up to 100 favorites), a new conversation mode, and a new “like” option.

The new messaging app also supports more than 100 other languages, including Mandarin, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, and Arabic.

Android users can sign up for the Hangouts mobile app and get the update on the Google Play store today.

Google’s Hangouts, which is available for free, was the original messaging app for Android phones.

It was the first of the messaging apps to be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a major update that made it easier to share and send messages to your contacts.

Hangouts has since been updated several times, but it was never updated to include all the features Google promised users back in February.

In the meantime, the Hangout app on Android still doesn’t have a full-fledged “like,” which Google calls a feature that is added to the app when a friend sends a message to a friend who hasn’t signed up for a Hangout.

Google’s updated Hangouts chat app now features a new way to add favorites to your messages.

This new feature works by showing a friend a list of your favorite messages.

It’s a new feature, but you can use it to share your favorite stories.

Here’s how it works:When you add a new message, you’ll see a list next to your friend’s name that lets you select which message to show them.

When you add your message to the list, you can also add a “favorite” link to it.

The link will be added to your favorite conversation, which will then appear on your home screen.

Once you click on the link, a small icon will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Click it to add the message to your list.

The favorite link you add will automatically be shown on your phone.

When your conversation ends, the link will appear on the left side of your screen.

If you don’t like the conversation, just click the “unfavorite” icon on the right side of the message and it will be removed from your conversations.

Once your conversation has ended, you may add the favorite link to another conversation by clicking on the “new” icon in the middle of your conversation.

To use the new feature to add a favorite, click the little “favorite link” icon next to a conversation you want to add to your favorites.

After you add the link to a new discussion, the conversation will show a message for you to reply to.

To reply, you will need to go to the Google Voice Messenger app.

When you click “reply,” the conversation that you’re in will show up as a new tab on your Google Voice Chat app.

This will automatically save the conversation in your favorites list, and you can reply to that conversation anytime by clicking “reply” on the message.

When someone sends you a message that has a favorite link, the app will now automatically add the user’s favorites link to the conversation.

Once a conversation has finished, you need only click on that link to see the new conversation in the conversation log.

The Google Voice Messaging app on the other hand, is much more advanced.

Google doesn’t include a way to reply or un-reply a message on its own, but instead uses the chat app’s “favorite links” feature to automatically add a user’s favorite message to other conversations.

This is great if you don´t want your conversation to be in the “default” Google Hangouts conversation log because it’s already added to an existing conversation.

If, for instance, you want a conversation to appear on a different Google Hangout account, you have to add it to the existing conversation log, which requires the user to log in with their Google account.

The new Google Messaging application is more powerful than the HangOut app, because it also lets you add favorite messages to the chat log and to any other Google Chat app that supports the feature.

This means you can add your own Google Chat or Hangouts conversations, which can then be edited, saved, and edited again.

Google also added a feature to the new Google HangOut to allow users to view a conversation in their Google Chat.

You can view a list on the app’s home screen, and there are many conversations that you can view in the app.

To view a new, different conversation, click on it and then tap on “show conversation.”

When you open a new chat, you should see the chat’s chat history in the chat history tab.

The chats history includes all the messages that were previously sent or received by that user.

You’ll see the “recent” tab on the chat screen, where you can see the messages you sent or receive.

The chat history