What is Joel Osteen’s message to his fans?

Joel Olesen, founder of Osteen Christian Church, says that he wants to be the best preacher he can be.

His message to fans of his popular TV show, “The Osteen Message,” is simple: “Do what you love.

Make God’s work your own.

Love God.

Live life.

Love Jesus.

Live your life.”

Osteen says that the message he wants his fans to hear is that they have the power to do whatever they want in their lives, and he has never heard anyone say, “No, you can’t do that.”

Olesen is a Baptist minister, but he also serves as a regular commentator on “The Five” podcast, and has also spoken about faith and family on a variety of podcasts.

He says that his message is simple enough for his listeners to understand, “But the way you live your life is the way God wants you to live it.

He wants you in a way that makes you happy.

That makes you fulfilled.”

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