Video messages: Happy holidays message for NSW residents

Posted December 12, 2018 06:19:34Happy holidays message from NetZero to NSW residents.

The NSW Government has been hit with a record number of net zero calls this year, with more than 5.6 million messages sent.

The Government said in a statement it was aware of a number of issues, including that some people were being served with bills for a number they have never been served with.

“As a result of this, some customers are experiencing issues when trying to contact the company,” it said.

The message said people who have been served by the company, including people with low income and those with disability, should contact the Telecommunications Support Line 1800 522 811.

People who do not want their voice messages sent should call the NSW Telecommunications Support line 1800 524 688.

In a separate matter, the Federal Government has said it is “committed to improving the efficiency and availability of our telecommunication infrastructure”.

In a statement on Tuesday, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said “NetZero’s business model is to provide a direct line of access to customers to deliver messages”.

“NetZero is committed to providing a consistent and timely delivery of messages to the consumer in a transparent and timely manner,” he said.

“Our goal is to have as much as possible of our communications infrastructure to operate as efficiently and efficiently as possible.”

NetZERO’s customers are a vital part of our infrastructure, providing us with critical communications infrastructure that delivers high-quality service to the public.

“NetZero has been criticised for failing to provide its customers with timely access to services.

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