Twitter Direct Message is Getting a New Look at Its Message Center

A message center on the Twitter app that lets users send direct messages to other users and manage notifications and calendar events is getting a new look, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

The app, called Twitter Direct Messaging, has been in development for several months, but the Journal’s report says that the new look will be a more “natural” and “modern” approach.

Twitter Direct Messenger currently has about 10 million users.

It was developed by Snapchat for the iPhone and launched in 2014.

Twitter has been working on its own messaging apps, but not directly with Snapchat.

That includes its Instagram and Facebook Messenger apps, and has been rumored to be developing its own app.

The WSJ reports that the redesigns are being rolled out to more users, but will be focused on the messaging center rather than on Twitter itself.

“Twitter Direct Messenger’s user interface and features are going to be significantly different than the current interface and interface experience of Twitter Direct Messages,” Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said in a recent earnings call.

The redesigns will be available in the next few months.

The new messaging app also has a new “contact” tab that lets you make “messages with other users directly from Twitter,” and a new feature that lets a user send messages directly to a friend.

These features will be expanded in the coming months, according the WSJ.