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tinder messages in Spain, a Spanish dating site that allows users to upload and receive messages, has been hit with an order by the Spanish Ministry of Culture to stop accepting messages that are indecent, obscene or “degrading”.

The ministry said that since January, it had been in contact with several Tinder users and had been informed that they had violated a code of conduct on the site, according to a statement from its head of legal affairs, Jose Luis Cevallos.

“In light of the new rules, Tinder has received notification of a potential violation of the code of behavior,” he said.

The site has also been banned from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, where users can find and upload pictures of themselves, the statement added.

Users have been banned on the platform from sending messages that include explicit sexual content, and have also been asked to stop sharing their contact information.

However, users can still upload their messages to the site and have been able to upload pictures from their phones to allow them to share them.

The ban comes amid mounting concern in the US and other parts of the world about the rise of illegal, “darknet” networks such as Reddit, which allows users in many countries to upload their own content, create new accounts and share it anonymously.

While the ban on Tinder was imposed on the US, other countries in Europe and elsewhere have also introduced laws aimed at limiting illegal activity, with many countries having passed laws to make it harder to buy drugs and other illegal goods.

While most of the content on Reddit, an online community that has millions of users, is harmless, the site has a dark side, with content such as child pornography and murder and rape threats being the most popular.