Thank you, Thanksgiving card messages from the Trump administration, by the numbers

Thanksgiving card numbers are up again, thanksgiving numbers are down.

We’ll be seeing a lot of the same messages again.

That’s because Thanksgiving is just over a week away, but some of the most popular cards will have been updated for the holiday.

Here’s how they look.

*The President is on the campaign trail, and the rest of us are still on holiday.

But for the first time since the election, a large majority of the cards are still from the White House, including some from the Vice President and the first lady.

This is a good thing.

And the cards that are not from the President have a new slogan.

*I’m glad to hear that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are on the road, by way of Iowa.

I’ll be on the West Coast soon, and I hope they’re all enjoying themselves.

*We’ll see you in Washington!

This is our Thanksgiving card from the new administration, with a special thanksgiving theme.

*A big thank you to my wonderful team at The Washington Times, for their outstanding coverage and excellent work.

*Thanksgiving cards are up for a holiday update, thanks.

Here are some cards from the inaugural administration.

*Thank you, my fellow Americans, for all the great jobs the Trump Administration has done for our country.

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