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Sports Illustrated will be making its annual list of the 50 greatest people of the year on Twitter.

The article will feature 50 people who will make the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine in 2018.

The list will be announced on April 30, and will include people like:Stephen Curry, NBA MVP;Shane Battier, NBA All-Star;Alfonso Soriano, ESPN NBA Analyst;James Harden, Houston Rockets;Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo’s former club Real Madrid;Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors;Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs;David Ortiz, New York Yankees;Dennis Rodman, the American icon;Randy Moss, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame;Tennis legend Bobby Riggs;and many more.

The Sports Illustrated list is comprised of the top 50 people in the world for the past five years.

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