RIP ‘toxic’ ‘flower’ emoji after death of girl

An Instagram post by a UK user has gone viral after he posted a graphic image of a flower that he said was ‘toxicity’.

The post was a reference to the toxic flower emoji, which is used to indicate a negative mood.

The image shows a pink flower with a blue stem and a yellow band around its base, which resembles a toxic flower.

The post has been shared over 2.4 million times on the popular social media platform, with many users describing the image as ‘sad’.

The user wrote: ‘It’s hard to get a flower right when it has a toxic word on it, but I just can’t stand this toxic flower,’ the post said.

The user then shared a screenshot of his own flower and a message saying that it had been ‘pushed too far’.

‘It was just toxic, I can’t imagine the pain, I am not happy with this flower.’

The flower in question was the pink one that was featured in the meme above.

In the caption accompanying the image, the user wrote that it was ‘the toxic flower, the toxic word’.

Users on the social media site called for the ‘toxiest’ flower emoji to be removed, with one saying: ‘The toxic flower needs to go.’

Another user wrote ‘If the toxic isnt toxic, the flower is toxic’.

Twitter has now removed the offending emoji from its platform, following criticism from some users who criticised the image.

‘It is clear that this post was written to promote a toxic meme,’ Twitter said in a statement.

‘While we cannot comment on individual accounts or the platform, we take the safety and security of our users extremely seriously.

‘We have removed the Toxic flower emoji from the Twitter platform.

This is a change that is being made to ensure Twitter remains a safe and welcoming place for all users and we encourage others to follow the appropriate steps.’

‘It can be hard to accept a toxic, toxic word in our daily life and it is not always easy to move on,’ said Twitter general manager of product, Ed Babinski.

‘The toxicity of the Toxic Flower emoji is an important part of the conversation on how we think about the toxic and toxic word.’

Users who commented on the image on Twitter criticised the post, with some saying that the toxic emoji was too close to a pink rose and that it should have been removed.

‘This is a toxic image, it has no place in our world, we need to pull it down,’ one user wrote.

‘You should never use toxic flowers to mean toxic, we are toxic.

It is not acceptable,’ another said.

Twitter has since removed the toxic flowers emoji from it’s platform.