Retired Marine Corps Major General Says He Was Paid To Tweet About Black Lives Matter

Retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Richard T. “Dick” O’Donnell, a retired general, said he was paid to tweet about Black Lives Matters in 2015.

O’Brien is currently the executive director of the National Association of Retired Persons.

O.T. Oates, the executive chairman of the organization, said O’Connor received the money from the National Endowment for the Humanities and other sources to promote Black Lives.

Oleson said the organization received no payments from O’Connells group.

Oakes, who retired in 2016, said that he didn’t have a problem with O’Connors tweets, but that he felt he had to report the messages he had made to the authorities.

“I think it’s a violation of the First Amendment,” Oates said.

“That’s a matter of free speech.”

O’Reilly is not the only major media figure to be sued by the NAACP.

On Wednesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against CNN, ABC News, and Fox News for violating the civil rights of the NAACP by airing racist commentary during a segment of a news program on which O’Neal was a guest.

The lawsuit also accuses the networks of failing to “exercise proper restraint in allowing and facilitating” ONeal to speak, and that they failed to “promptly” report ONeal’s remarks as racist.

The networks also said they had a duty to prevent ONeal from speaking on the air.

In a statement, CNN said it “condemns any type of racism” and said it would continue to work to make ONeal “an even better example of how to treat people of color.”

ABC News said it was “disappointed in the legal action” and that it would not defend ONeal.

Fox News said that O’Neil was a regular contributor to the network and that Fox News had an “open dialogue” with ONeal about his views on race.

Orens lawsuit alleges that the networks failed to alert the NAACP and that ONeal and his colleagues had been subject to “hostile media coverage” from both O’Neill and other members of the media, including O’Leary.