‘It’s so sweet’: Man who said he would have sex with his girlfriend’s boyfriend’s girlfriend says he will never forget the experience

Posted September 23, 2019 14:36:51 A man who said that he would “have sex with” his girlfriend, and “kiss his neck” had to take a phone call about his relationship with her.

In a Facebook post, the 23-year-old man said that his girlfriend had texted him a picture of her and his friend, but the pair were “talking to each other in the street”.

“I told her I was going to take her to the pub and we are going to have sex, but I did not want to leave the phone on,” he said.

The man told the ABC he would never forget his date.

“It’s just a bit of a shock,” he told the news outlet.

“The first time we kissed, we just kind of took each other’s hands and just made out.”

He said that the couple met at university, and had a lot of fun together.

“We were talking about my plans and everything and stuff,” he added.

“I just kept wanting to see her and she kept saying she was so excited.”

The man was arrested on Sunday and is due to appear in court on Tuesday.

“To say it was a big surprise would be an understatement,” his friend told ABC News.

“My jaw just dropped and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”