iphonster is coming to Android devices

iphonetster is finally here.

For a limited time, all you need to do is download the app and your iPhone or iPad will automatically be synced to Google Play.

Google says the app has “the fastest way to send, receive, and share messages with friends and family”.

“Google is giving everyone access to an awesome new messaging app on Android devices,” the company said.

“With this new app, we’re bringing Google+ to the world of Google+”.

In order to make the app, Google is offering up to $100 to users who sign up for a free trial.

While the service will be available on the iPhone and iPad, Google says users can also download the free app for their Android devices.

In an update to its mobile apps, Google has also updated the Google Voice app to include iphoner.

The app allows users to manage and send texts and calls.

Users can also ask Google to turn off certain features and have them restored automatically.

With Google’s mobile apps now available, it means that those wishing to get the service to their Android device will need to wait until it’s officially released.

It’ll be available in the US from the beginning of July, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and Australia on the day it launches.

More to come…