How to make your Android phone a conversation icon: Make it voice-activated, without leaving your phone!

The Lad’s Android app lets you search and search for messages from your phone using voice.

You can also see and reply to messages by typing the word “reply” into the search box.

The Lad, which is owned by Lad Media, offers a simple but useful voice-powered interface.

The app has been downloaded over 30 million times and has more than a million users.

I was able to download the app and set it up on my phone.

The interface is very simple.

You simply tap the message icon, select the category, then select the text you want to search.

You also have the option to search for a specific message, or you can search for all messages in the app.

The icon is always a dark blue background.

Once you have the icon, you can select it from the notification bar or your home screen.

You are also able to set the time and date that the icon will appear, or set it to display the message in a dark color.

In the example below, the icon appears on my home screen and shows the date, time, and message.

Once I had the app set up on both my phone and my computer, I was ready to see if the app would work.

I opened the app, and was greeted with a list of messages.

As soon as I picked one, I would hear a voice-controlled voice asking me to reply with my message.

The voice-operated interface is not very intuitive, but the app itself is simple and the interface looks very polished.

I didn’t have to press any buttons to answer the questions I was asked, and the messages were easy to reply to.

After a few minutes, I received a message saying that the app is offline.

I went back to the app to check the status of the app’s status, and it was now showing “not yet available.”

I called Lad to find out how the app was doing and they were kind enough to let me borrow their phone to test out.

The message-notification app, as it is known, has a lot going on behind the scenes.

It has a list view, which you can click on to view all messages that have been sent to you.

There is also a voice message function that allows you to respond to a message by typing in the word that you want.

I typed in “reply.”

After the reply, the voice message would show the text I typed.

I could also send a reply using the voice command, “reply me” to be heard over the other person.

If the other user did not reply to the message, they could call Lad back and see if it was still active.

You have the ability to set up a voice reply function as well, but it is very limited.

I only had a limited amount of time to test it out before I had to take the phone back to my computer.

The response time was extremely slow.

The only time it was fast was when I was responding to someone who was responding with a message and I could hear the voice reply.

Lad told me that their voice message system was only able to respond in one direction, but that it would still be working on my computer if I were to move it to the other side.

It also told me to use the voice chat feature.

I did this, and while it was a little bit laggy, I got a response to my message that said “Thank you for the feedback.”

The voice chat is a little limited, but is a welcome addition for people who like to keep in touch with people they have not seen in a while.

I will have to go back and test it more to make sure the voice messages function works well.

The video below shows the app on my laptop, and I have the app open on my desktop.

I then went back and opened the Lad app on both computers.

I wanted to test if the feature worked well, so I went into the Lad web page and found the app there.

After opening the Lad website, I saw that it had over 3 million downloads.

The phone app, which was running on my Android phone, had over 10 million downloads, and Lad’s app on the desktop had over 200,000 downloads.

If you would like to download or purchase the Lad apps for Android, you should click the link in the Lad FAQ section below to make a purchase.

If this sounds like something you would want to do, then make sure to take advantage of this great deal!