How to get your first selfie, but not the one you want

telegram is making it easy to share and receive a selfie on your timeline.

If you haven’t tried telegram yet, here’s how to get started.

TIP: The default profile picture you’ll see on the app is your own image, but you can change it using the options below.

If you don’t want to be inundated with notifications, you can hide the profile picture using the notification shade at the top of the screen.

For the selfie, the app shows you a list of friends you’d like to post a selfie to, but if you don�t want to give the app your address or phone number, you should set your profile to private.

To make sure your profile picture appears in the profile list, swipe right to show the profile.

You’ll see your own profile picture at the bottom of the list, as well as a circle to the right of your name, which indicates your privacy setting.

Once you click the “add a selfie” button, the telegram app automatically generates a selfie and places it on your profile.

To post a new selfie, just tap the button on the bottom left of the selfie to start taking a selfie.

To start a new chat with a friend, tap the profile photo from your friend list.

You can also add friends by tapping the button to the left of their name in the chats window.

You can also send an emoji to a friend in the chat window by tapping on the emoji you want to send, and the chat will show an emoji of your choice.

Tap the emoji button on top of it to send it to a specific friend.

Finally, tap on the profile name of a friend to open a chat with that friend.

You may have to swipe to see the chat.

Tap on that friend�s name to view their profile.

There are two ways to add a selfie: via a chat window, or by using the button at the lower left of your selfie.

If your friend already has a selfie you want, tap their name to open the chat to that friend, and then tap the “Add a selfie”-button to add their selfie to your account.

To add a friend that already has the selfie you�ve already uploaded, tap that friend and then select their profile from the menu at the upper right of the chats list.

Troubleshooting telegram on your phone, tablet, or computer?

If your telegram application is crashing, your phone might not be showing a message.

If this happens, you�ll want to check your telegraph settings, then open up telegram, and you�re likely to see a message that reads: The app may be unable to start due to a problem with your telegraphing software.

The telegram client is not supported by your device.

Please try launching your telex app, which is installed on your device, to try to get it to start again.

Try searching for telegram in the app store, and if that fails, you might be able to find it through the app search bar.

Some telegram apps, such as Instagram and Snapchat, may not be available on iOS, or at all.

Telegram is not available in all languages.

Your telegram experience may be different depending on your carrier and device.

If that’s the case, you may be able for your carrier to change the default profile settings, or you may have an option to turn off the automatic sharing of the profile pic.

Do you use telegram?

If so, what are some tips to help you get started?