How to get over the heartwarming Christmas message and how to get the message into your brain

I think I’m going to need some more Christmas music.

There’s something about Christmas that’s just so uplifting.

And I’ve been reading this article, called The Christmas Gift Guide , that talks about how to say “I love you” to someone.

I have this article on Amazon, and it talks about the best books to read before your big holiday party, and the best holiday gifts, and all that.

So, what I’m reading now is the most appropriate Christmas gift for me.

My Santa sent me a bunch of things for me to try out.

This is my little box of Christmas stuff.

Here’s the Christmas card from my Santa.

You can find my Santa in my feed at this link.

The package was pretty sweet.

It was filled with my favorite toys, and a box of chocolate.

Thank you, Santa.