How to get a free trial of the new Apple Music subscription service from Apple (s aapl)

Apple has announced that it’s making a “subscription to the cloud” with Apple Music, which offers subscribers a free month of access to all Apple Music-compatible streaming music and a handful of other premium features.

The subscription is limited to just 30 days, and the company says that subscribers will be able to keep all their subscriptions through the end of March.

The free trial ends on March 31. 

While Apple Music is still in beta, the service has already made waves for its curated playlists, which allow subscribers to listen to curated playlist by genre, artist, and genre-specific artists and songs.

The service’s “playlists” are curated with the artists they are meant to be listened to by, so you might not get all the songs you want for every genre or artist.

Apple has also built in a “curated radio station” that plays music that has been curated to the listener’s tastes, as well as a curated “music discovery app.”

Apple’s new service, which Apple calls the Apple Music Unlimited, offers users a limited-time offer for free.

The company says subscribers can get up to a year of Apple Music membership for $7.99 per month, but that only works for Apple Music Premium members and Premium members of any other service.

The company also notes that Apple Music subscriptions will be automatically renewed, and Apple Music will automatically be removed from your Apple Music account upon expiration.

Apple says that the subscription is only valid for 30 days.