How to fix the issue of missing email attachments on the Warframe website

On Monday, an article on the official Warframe wiki revealed that an issue with attachments being displayed as text messages instead of images was preventing people from viewing the official forums.

The wiki explained that Warframe players were being asked to click on the “view forum” link on the website’s front page to display a message, which was only displayed when the attachment was clicked.

The problem was quickly spotted by a member of the official Reddit community, who tweeted a screenshot of the issue to Twitter.

The Reddit user who first reported the issue also posted a screenshot to the official forum, which has since been deleted.

Reddit has since updated its support article for the game to state that users should be able to see the attachment without having to click the “View” link, and that users can still view the attachment as text if they are logged in.

The user who reported the bug also posted the screenshot to Twitter, where it has since garnered more than 1,200 retweets.

The Reddit user said he had contacted Warframe’s support team to try and get the attachment fixed, but they told him it was a “feature” not a bug.

The subreddit also stated that Warface developers were aware of the problem, and a “team is working on fixing the issue”.

However, they did not give a timeframe for when the patch would be available.

We reached out to Warframe for comment on the issue, but the developer did not respond to requests for comment at the time of publication.