Facebook has deleted a birthday card message request from a user

Facebook has removed a Facebook birthday card request from the accounts of a user who posted a message asking for a birthday card from her.

The user’s message was sent on January 11, 2017, the day of Facebook’s “Thank You” campaign.

The birthday card requests were made after the birthday card was made available for purchase in April, 2017.

“Unfortunately, due to spamming, the Facebook team is now removing this request,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“We do not allow spamming of our products, so we have not seen this request.”

Facebook’s message appears to have gone unnoticed, as the request was still posted on the user’s account after a brief hiatus.

Facebook has not responded to requests for comment on why the request wasn’t removed.

The removal comes as the company looks to improve its privacy policies.

Facebook recently updated its privacy policy to prohibit the use of its software to create fake accounts.

In July, Facebook announced that it would begin deleting content it determines is fake, and that it will be investigating suspected spam.