Apple’s ‘NetZero’ messaging app will get free update

Apple Inc.’s “NetZero” messaging app, which allows people to communicate with others through messages sent through a tiny black box on their phones, is getting a free update to iOS 11, according to the company’s developers.

The update is available to iPhone owners who have the company iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and it will be available to Apple’s App Store on March 6.

The free update will also roll out to all existing iPhone owners.

NetZero is built by the same developers who created the messaging app that Apple acquired earlier this year.

It’s available on iOS and Android and lets users send messages through a smartphone’s built-in microphone and Wi-Fi, but it’s a bit of a departure from the usual NetZero apps.

The app is free for anyone who uses an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Users can choose to have the app automatically sync to their accounts and the app also includes a few new features, including one that allows users to post messages to their profile and the ability to add photos to a post.

The feature was first introduced in the NetZero Messages app, but Apple is adding it to the new app, according the developers.